Trinity Charge
United Methodist Churches

updated 04/12/2020

Our Mission

On July 31,2019 Pastor Kitty graduated and was anointed at
Wesley Seminary in Washington D.C.

Celebrating Christmas

Our Church Bible Studies
All are welcome
Ulster - 9:30 am - Wednesday
Monroeton - 9 am - Sunday
Charge (at Monroeton) - 6 pm - Thursday
New Albany - 10 am Sunday

Pastor Kathleen (Kitty) Keller
Office at the Ulster United Methodist Church
80 Second Street
Ulster, PA 18850

Office Phone 570-358-3939
Pastor Kitty’s cell phone 570-404-1251

Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Layman
Office Hours: Tuesday 10 – 12 pm
cell 607-738-6290

Pastor's Ponderings

Items of interest for all


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Monroeton UMC

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New Albany UMC

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